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As you will see I have worked for the BBC for a long time and now work as a freelance editor.  I have worked in many genres but wish to concentrate on my drama editing of which I have considerable experience, working with many directors and producers.  I am sure any of the people I have worked with will confirm the quality of my work.

Technical experience

My experience with Avid began in 1991 and I do offline and online work in standalone and server environments.  I am also able to do tape editing to broadcast standards (even quick turn round) when required and so I understand the importance of producing accurate edl’s for comforms, grading and sound preparation.


BAFTA Nomination   Casualty 1992

Casualty - many episodes from '89-'2007

Progamme Credits -  Drama



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 Title                        Director                         Producer                       Year     To                Notes

Series Producers

Oliver Kent/Jane Dauncey/Foz Allan/Richard Hanforth/ Rachel Wright/ Ros Anderson / Corinne Hollingworth / Michael Ferguson / Peter Norris / Geraint Morris



















Many producers, recently include Lucy Raffety, Jane Steventon, Chris Lovett, Anne-Louise Russell, Loretta Preece, Rob Warr, Lowri Glain.

Accidental Perfectionist

Corin Long

Sarah Best/Matthew Vizard

High Def. Short for BBC Films


Jane Powell

Chris Murray/

Chris Ballantyne

2 Episodes plus making new Titles

Justice in Wonderland

Tim Leandro

Richard Fell

BBC2 Drama Feature

The Ties of Blood



The Long march


A Woman 





James Ormerod



Chris Parr


Sarah Pia-Anderson

Tim Ironside Wood



Chris Parr


Chris Parr

Six plays, Banff Award Winner - McCabe’s Wall


single play


single play

Alan Dixon